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You Can’t Do That!

September, 2023 Peter Guest   Woking is a small town southwest of London. You may have heard of it as H.G. Wells made it the

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The Book Has Been Published!

Finally, after a gestation that seemed to last forever, THE BOOK has been published! Car Park Design is published by the UK’s Institution of Structural

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How to be a Jerk

First a bit of background: chateau Guest is a 1930s “Tudorbethan” detached house built on a 90-degree, and therefore blind bend, on a narrow street.

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Peter Takes After EVs

So, it’s all (mostly) about electric vehicles today. The world is polluted, we need to reduce emissions otherwise the bad things that are already happening

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The Plaque

For two years or more I have been a good citizen. Isolating, social distancing, mask wearing, not going out. I have had my three vaccines

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Car Parks, ICE, and Kafka

Car parks, or garages as you guys call them, are structures for storing motor vehicles. Long experience suggests that it is easy to build them

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A False Dawn?

Well, it is still all about Covid-19 over here. Lots of people are still not back at work and overlay school holidays and traffic levels

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Lots of Faces

 I recently wrote of our UK government’s rather strange plan to make Britain a better place to park.  In 2004, the current law came into

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Please Do the Math First!

I have just looked at and “binned” a major tender to design, finance, build, operate and transfer some major parking infrastructure for a city; I

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Bl*** y Columnist

(Our intrepid columnist on all things British began using a typically English swear word. It may be banned in the UK, but not in the

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