Authentic Concern

Signal Sent and Received!

  Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about motivation and inspiration and how, as I grow as a leader and as our company grows, effective

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The Hidden Value of Quality

Brian Wolff   The pilot stepped out of the cockpit to oversee preparations for our flight as the crew loaded and unloaded food and beverages.

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The Power of Your Presence

My experiences recently have convinced me more than ever of the value of face-to-face meetings. But as I reflected more deeply on why I believe

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Enabled vs. Allowed

Building a great company, or a great parking operation, is hard. The thing that makes it so hard is also the thing that makes it

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The Magic of Alignment

I’m spending a lot more time these days thinking about ways to keep organizations growing. However, it’s not just revenue that’s on my mind. As

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Keeping the Line Moving

Last month I had the opportunity to talk with the “Guru” of the Houston Galleria Mall Parking. We were having a nice chat about his

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Getting to the Root of It

Last month, I hinted at a growing movement of parking professionals that want to turn the tide on the industry’s history of being maligned and

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This Time It’s Personal

A funny thing happened several weeks ago. Not funny haha, but ironic. An LA Times business columnist wrote a story about an attorney who declined to

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The “You” You Know

This month I’m going deep about our relationships, both good and bad, and how many times, problems in relationships have nothing to do with the

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The Power of “And”

I have a big idea tumbling around my head, but I’ll admit, getting it onto paper this month has been a real struggle. The big idea

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Reap What You Sow

A couple months ago, I shared how sick my dad was and how the time was near. That day came at the end of March. It’s

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Calling My Shot for 2021

I’ve never done a prediction article before, but then again, I’ve never steered a company through a global pandemic before, either. My aim is to

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Who Does It Best?

Some 20 years ago, when I had more hair and much less wisdom, I had the great privilege of going to work for one of

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