September 2023

You Can’t Do That!

September, 2023 Peter Guest   Woking is a small town southwest of London. You may have heard of it as H.G. Wells made it the

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The Machines are Learning

September, 2023 Melissa Bean Sterzick   Everyone’s talking about AI these days. Some of us are worried about our jobs. Some of us are worried

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A Window into the Heart

September, 2023 Jeff Pinyot   When I hear the word “legacy”, my mind wanders in 1,000 different directions. I’m a fan of tennis so it

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Industry News

September, 2023   Parking Logix announced its appointment of parking and mobility industry veteran and change agent, Todd Tucker, as its new global president whose mandate is

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Digital at Every Touchpoint

September, 2023 Rajiv Jain, interviewed by Brian Gusdorf   As the founder and CEO of ParkEngage, Rajiv Jain’s mission is to help parking businesses go

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Why I Love Parking

September, 2023 Bill Smith   In 1994, I was quoted in the Chicago Tribune saying that “parking is sexy.” I still haven’t lived that down.   But

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Leaders in Parking

September, 2023   Automotus Roamy Valera, CAPP, is President of Automotus and a renowned industry leader. Automotus is an innovative curb-management company helping cities reduce

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