They Paved Paradise…’

You know how the song goes: “… and put up a parking lot.” For those of us who spend our professional lives contemplating the journey

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Planning Parking

FACT: Parking facilities cover between 6 and 40 percent of the land in American cities, while in urban centers, parking can average up to 30

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RX For Hospital Parking

Hospital administrators and planners face enough challenges today without having to add parking to the mix. Yet for many, parking is a constant source of

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Case Study: Pay on Foot

Good things happen only when you take a risk. Thus Greg Pineda, site general manager for the Trillium in Woodland Hills, CA, described his trepidation

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Eads new President

Monroe Carell, Jr., has again taken the reins of Central Parking, the company he founded in 1968. William J. Vareschi, Jr., the former CEO and

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We’re only off by 50%

Ever since Parking Today has been in existence, and for a few years before, we, and other members of the parking industry, have been touting

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Downtown Parking

Parking is the 800-pound gorilla of downtown development. No other issue has the potential to push the buttons of downtown development professionals, business owners, property

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Call for Case Studies

The Urban Land Institute and the International Council of Shopping Centers have convened a committee of transportation professionals to update the landmark 1983 publication Shared

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A Commentary

Editor’s note: This is in response by Blake Laufer to our “PT the Auditor” comments in the October 2002 issue. See PT’s column this month

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Automated Garages

Automated garages are here. Two are working in the U.S. with promises of more to come. By all reports, the systems installed in Hoboken, NJ,

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That’s Not What I Heard

As some of you may know, I recently underwent rotator cuff surgery. Although not the most pleasant experience, I’m pleased to say, “So far so

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In these high-tech times…

Whenever I tell someone in my hometown that I sell parking meters, I’m often asked: “Do any cities still use parking meters?” Obviously, I live

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Pay and Display

A Brief History of This ‘New’ Technology There continues to be dynamic changes with the use of the “Pay and Display” parking methodology across North

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Philly Parking Authority is Growing

When Pennsylvania’s Republican- controlled legislature seized control of the Philadelphia Parking Authority in June 2001, they vowed to transfer $45 million to the city’s financially

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