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Point of View: Passages

It is difficult to realize that as people age, their abilities in certain areas change. A friend pointed out that when running the Boston Marathon,

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…And He Was Frightened

From Point of View, December 2021 – I cannot improve on it. The phrase “In Hoc Anno Domini” refers to the conversion of St. Paul

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A Great Leader

I’m pulling together the October issue of PT and am humbled by the articles we have on hand. We reached out to organizations industry wide

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Parking is Necessary

We are constantly harangued by those who know more than we do that the world’s problems relate back to parking. There is too much of

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I Eat Some Crow

I will open this with a bit of crow eating. My buddy Tony in Portland has criticized me for using the term “our betters” in various

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Dog Bites Man, Can you Focus?

I blasted through a headline over at concerning parking at Trader Joe’s. It was, I thought, a ‘dog bites man’ story. After all, we all

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Reading and Driving

Reading can be recreation, like watching TV. Except that when you watch TV, no mental activity is required. You simply sit and it washes over

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Airplanes, the TSA, and PIE

I hadn’t been on an airplane for nine months. For most, that doesn’t seem unusual, but checking my calendar for 2019, I was averaging two to

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The Holidays, and MeTV

The holidays shouldn’t be too difficult this year. What with politics, the virus, and our betters telling us not to celebrate, what could possibly go

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Is Parking Back?

Is parking back? Will the recovery be a “V” or a lopsided “S”? The answers to these questions mean jobs, profit, and, in some cases,

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George and Gracie

I’m told I’m a story teller. I was asked to craft a story to go with Dale Denda’s presentation last month at PIE. He posits

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It’s All About Clarity

I have been musing about name changes and when I did my daily review of I noted that a large number of the stories focus

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Carbon Footprints and Mobility

The World Resource Institute is hawking a blog that is bemoaning the fact that urban sprawl exists and therefore an individual’s carbon footprint is larger

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A WOW Year for WIP

One year ago, I was approached and asked to be the incoming Women in Parking chairperson. I was honored and flattered. For the past five

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Bob Dylan and the Arena

Back in the day, particularly in Manhattan, but in other places as well, parking was all about price and availability. If there was space, you

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Technology, Uber, and our Front Cover

According to Wikipedia, the word Technology (“science of craft,” from Greek τέχνη, techne, “art, skill, cunning of hand”; and –λογία, -logia[3]) is the collection of

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April 1996

Volume 1, Number 1. Periodicals track themselves by volume and number. The volume indicates the year of publication from its beginning; the number notes the

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What’s happening in WIP?

 What was once just another classic JVH moment of creativity – “Hey, let’s dedicate an entire issue of Parking Today to Women in Parking!” –

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