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Independence Day, 2023

We celebrate the Fourth of July as the signing of the Declaration of Independence. And who could comment more on those words of Thomas Jefferson

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15 Minute City

The latest idea to come out of our friends in the environmental movement is the 15 minute city. The idea is that everything you need

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It’s Hard to Make it Easy!

Astrid has an interesting article up at about the city of Chico, CA,  and their hiring of parking “Concierges” to help parkers through the

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IPMI Meets in Ft. Worth

The IPMI has begun its annual parking conference in Ft.Worth. We wish them all the best at their extravaganza. The IPMI (then the IPI) was

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Memorial Day 2023

We remember the fallen on Memorial Day. These patriots have given their lives so we can live in the greatest country on earth. In the

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Don’t forget the Chicoms

Let’s face it, the Chinese are running the EV market. They produce over half the EVs manufactured, but more importantly, they control the critical supply

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Keep it simple…

“Any damn fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple.” ― Pete Seeger Social activist and folk singer hit the nail

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My Normal Self

For those of you who might have noticed that I haven’t been my normal self lately and I thought you deserved an explanation. Seventeen years

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Morgan Freeman –

Oscar winning actor Morgan Freeman came out swinging in an interview this week. He lambasted the terms “African American” and “Black History Month.” He commented

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