Just Blame “Climate Change”


Just Blame “Climate Change”

The LA Times is headlining a a poll that notes that 70% of the respondents expect volatile swings in weather to be commonplace due to Climate Change. Oh Please.

We had a few drought years, it was climate change. We had an incredibly wet year, it was climate change. Tell me, kind reader, is it possible to have it both ways.

Of course it is, just ask the ‘experts.’

We have a wonderful article by my friend David Feehan on the topic of “Common Sense” upcoming in July’s Parking Today. He discusses EV hybrids, defunding police, removing on street parking, and why people don’t take the bus. In every case, common sense tells you why, just as common sense tells you that wet and dry years have little if any relationship with “Climate Change.”

We had severe weather changes when I was growing up in the 50s. Houses that were built on flood plains were damaged when the local rivers overran their banks. Not a person blamed the climate, they blamed the people who built their houses where the river overflowed. When the fires burned off the hillsides around the town, not a person blamed God or the climate when houses built in the midst of the brush were destroyed. Folks in those days had common sense. By the way, in one of those years, we had 35 inches of rain, that’s 10 more than we received this year. Somebody explain that.

The weather gurus are predicting a hot summer, gee, a hot summer in California. Now that’s difficult to predict. There will be fires. Why – that damn rain we got this winter will cause plant life to grow and fuel potential wild fires. Huh? It took five PhDs and years of study to figure that one out. Oh, don’t forget, those same learned folks have told us we can’t clear cut around power lines and potentially prevent forest fires.

Rather and use common sense, it’s much easier to blame something we aren’t even sure is happening.

Prove to me I’m wrong.


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