100 Issues


100 Issues

I was preparing the mailing list for the October issue and low and behold, my software told me that this is the 100th issue of Parking Today. WOW!!! The PT stalwarts have put out close to 6500 pages of parking news, features and ads over this past 10 years. Not too shabby.

Lets see If I can name all the folks who had a finger in this enterprise — Sheila, our ad director and friend, Sue – accounting , Pat circulation, mailing, and office, Sandra classifieds and exhibitions, Shelly Graphics, Dawn, exhibitions and sales, Rad Graphics, Bob copy editing, Suda, webmaster, Brian proofing and Carla consultant and confessor..  But we also wouldn’t be here without Sandie, Kim, Julie, and Jan all of whom have touched us and brought much to our table. Plus the great folks at Publishers Press, Shelia, and the tech guys, printers, and mailers…

I’m sure my senior moment has literally sucked someone out of my feeble brain, but you will be hearing more about how we started, and who all those folks are.

One thing is interesting, virtually all the people on the list except Sheila and Sandra, come through a network that begins with Shelly — She introduced me to Carla, Sandie, Kim, and Julie and Rad. Jan, Sue, Pat, and our first accounting firm came to us through a person Shelly brought to our table. Carla brought us Suda and Suda brought Brian. Bob is the odd man out — he came through a contact at our former sister pub, the Campus Safety Journal — Bob is our copy editor, when he’s not editing for a great metropolitan newspaper.

Sheila signed on before the first issue and has worked wonders with our sales ever sense, Sandra has had a myriad of jobs with us over the past seven or eight years, but in the past year has turned classifieds into an art form. They were both friends from a past life that I quite honestly met at a party across the street about 18 years ago and then called them years later when I needed them.

Its to the great credit of all our staff, that of all the people above, only Pat, Sandra, and Sheila are full time members of the company. Dawn fits school around our needs, Shelly and Rad spend about a week each month on our mag. Sue keeps our books in about half time and Suda spends as much as we need. Bob and Brian focus on each issue about 8-10 hours a piece. This enables us to afford their limitless talents. And for that I am most grateful.

Watch the pages of PT over the next year and learn more about each of our fantastic staff and what they bring to make PT the magazine of record for this industry.


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