$115 for double parking…So be it


$115 for double parking…So be it

Yuppie parents in New York City are up in arms because the cops are ticketing their cars that are double parked in front of a nursery school while they are inside picking up their kids. So?

It seems to me that they deserve what they get.  Double parking is a pain to everyone, to pedestrians, kids walking to school, and of course to drivers who have to move around the cars double parked on the streets.

What I can’t understand is why the school, parents and local authorities haven’t sat down together and tried to work out a plan. Some ideas:

1.  Cut a deal with that church or business down the block to let parents park there.
2.  Find a spot nearby and shuttle the kids over there.
3.  Give the parents "exact times" to pick up their kids, say three minutes apart and have a "standing zone" outside the school where parents can wait and the school can bring the kids to the cars, rather than vice versa.

Well you get the idea — there are solutions if people want to try to find them. However they would rather complain about the parking nazis and tear up tickets and get their pictures in the paper.

Doesn’t surprise me a bit.


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