$1 Parking Fine Paid after 26 Years


$1 Parking Fine Paid after 26 Years

The local police say that this person’s conscience finally got to him. I tend to agree. Here’s the deal

Fellow gets a parking ticket and throws it in his "to be done" file.  It gets put off and put off, but its still there, nagging and nagging and nagging.  Finally he gets to it and pays the fine. It took only 26 years.

I think this happens to a lot of us.  We put off doing something because its not really THAT important but we know, in our hearts, that it needs to be done. Finally after a period of time, it seems like its too late. The agony we will suffer by actually doing it is worse that not doing it. (We are just embarrassed by the fact that we have let it go for so long.)

Then finally, enough time has passed (in this case a quarter of a century) and we can complete the task and feel like a hero by so doing. Strange, if we do something immediately its OK, if we put it off it becomes "not OK" to do it, but if we put it off long enough, its OK again.

Funny how that works


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