$2.70 a month to park in Boston…


$2.70 a month to park in Boston…

at a high school, that is. And of course, there is a problem with too many students, not enough space.

I have a solution.

1. Raise the price to $10 a month. If you can afford a car, you can afford $10 a month to park it.Use the money to provide better uniforms or instruments for the band, or more paint for the art department, or a new nuclear reactor for the physics department.
2. Base the parking permits on one’s grade point average — Those with higher GPAs get a space, those with lower ones, don’t.
3. If that’s doesn’t solve the problem with space allotment, add the class ranking of the student to the mix (Seniors first, etc).

Problem solved. Reading the article about the high school, one might surmise that the principal in charge of parking won’t do any of these things.  Might offend someone.

Oh, they also won’t oversell.  Even though they know that every day nearly 10 percent of the spaces are empty for whatever reason.  Why not oversell by 5 %? Oh, one of the little darlings might not find a space. Let them get there early.

They are "negotiating" with a nearby church to rent spaces there. I suggest they charge more for them, since they have to rent spaces and let the kids decide if they want to study harder or pay more.

I can just see it — Sorry, can’t party tonight, have to bring my chemistry grade up to a "b" so I can keep my parking permit.


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