54000 Visits


54000 Visits

I was reading that one of the blogs I read regularly had 23 million visits in the three years since its inception. So I thought I would check and see what’s happening with this one.

We have had 54000 visits to the blog since our inception on March of last year.  Not too shabby. We are currently averaging over 100 a day, with 160 since midnight last night.

Many of the visits come from search engines — that means that folks key in something on Google and find it here. I’m told that blogging and links attract googly’s robots and give you a leg up. PT’s web site has been doing pretty well. If you type in "parking" in Google we are the fourth listing, and I think two of those above us are paid. We are fifth in Yahoo, with three above us paid.  We don’t pay the engines for an early listing.

The position on the major search engines is important. My guess (and personal experience) is that if you are past page three, you might as well not be there at all.  I am personally listed number three after John Van Horn and the Fender Benders,,, and John Van Horn’s personal page., – Some techno guy who has forgotten more about the ‘net that I will ever know.

It seems that activity is what gets you up there on the Google list. And we have it — with the classifieds, the blog, the content and our discussion center, we get a lot of visitors, nearly 2 million since we started and over 300,000 visits this year so far. Not bad for a little back street mag in a niche industry.

But the credit goes to you. Thanks for coming round — See you later


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