Want a Parking Management Marketing Report? They left out WHO?


Want a Parking Management Marketing Report? They left out WHO?

I get emails about everything. Today, for instance, I got an email hawking a “Parking Management Marketing Report.”  Wow, that seems interesting. So I asked for the ‘brochure’ which describes the document.

It was extremely interesting and seemed to cover all aspects of the management market, particularly the equipment suppliers. The headline listed: Xerox, 3M, IBM, Siemens, Kapsch, Swarco, Amano are some of major players in Parking Management System Market.

I had certainly heard of all those — but began to wonder a bit at the inclusion of 3M, since it closed its parking division well over a year ago. I then took a close look at the table of contents and found  a list of companies included in the report. They were: Xerox, 3M, IBM, Siemens, KAPSCH, Swarco, T2 Systems, Amano, Cubic, and Skidata.

Understand that this is a comprehensive list. But – what about TIBA, Designa, ParkingSoft, Hub, IPS, Cale, Scheidt and Bachmann, Parkeon… and that’s just off the top of my head.

Oh and you can get this “comprehensive” 160 page study for a mere $4250.  They take all credit cards.

One wonders if they asked anyone in the parking industry to take a peek at the report and see if there was anything that might have been left out? If you want a report on parking management systems that left out Scheidt and Bachman but included 3M, drop me a note and I’ll forward the link.


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