Cleveland need more parking, or does it?


Cleveland need more parking, or does it?

I don’t know downtown Cleveland very well. And an article posted on indicated that the businesses thought they needed more parking. It was at a meeting of the Cleveland City Council. Here is the heart of the story:

Business owner Denise McNeeley asked council members what the city’s plan is for additional parking and urged city staff (especially Police Chief Mark Gibson) to enforce downtown parking limits, which is two hours in most situations.

Gibson said his staff attempts to monitor parking, and violations, to the best of their abilities. “We continue to mark tires, to enforce violations,” he said. After an inquiry, he said the cost of a parking violation is $16.

McNeeley said use of the parking spaces by employees and Lee University students, “Hinders downtown businesses, like mine.”

Wow. So, we really don’t know if there is a dearth of parking. We only know that the business owners want downtown limits enforced. And the police will continue to the best of their abilities.

First of all, police by definition don’t like to write parking tickets. It’s the lowest level of policing and let’s face it, if there is a robbery in progress, they aren’t going to stop and write a ticket.

“Mark Tires.” This indicates there are areas with no meters. As we know too well, chalking tires is at the bottom of ways to enforce parking violations.

Oh, and the fine for over parking is $16? Doesn’t sound like enough for people to be concerned about getting a citation.

AND the local college students are the biggest violators.

There are a number of issues here.

First – How about upgrading your technology from chalk to LPR. There are a bunch of companies. And you might be able to write more tickets and let people know they can’t get by with overstaying.

Second — $16 a citation, oh please.

Third – Rethink how your parking is managed. Perhaps a separate parking division that isn’t divided between the police, the street department and others might help.

Fourth – I could go on and on.

It sounds like Cleveland needs some parking help. I’ll bet a great number of spaces could be freed up, if it has the political will do to so. Julie Dixon call your office.

We will keep our eye on it.


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