$90 per game, and that’s to park


$90 per game, and that’s to park

I was musing in the June PT (Point of View) about parking and pricing for parking and parking at the Getty Museum. Brad Conner with Associated Time in Dallas sent me this comment:

Read your article in the June issue of PT.  Here in Dallas in the land of no mass transit or very little public transportation, the rates are somewhat higher then LA.  Ballpark in Arlington (Texas Rangers), $12.00 (some games are $5.00), American Airlines Center (Mavs and Stars), $20.00, The Boss Hogg Bowl, currently referred to as Cowboys Stadium (until Jerry can find someone to pay naming rights that he thinks they are worth), $90.00 per game, up $40.00 from old run down Texas Stadium. 

And this one I really like, DART (Dallas area rapid transit), our little metro system – which is expanding inch by inch and should be complete in about 100 years – the parking at the lots is free, yes free, DART is afraid if they charge no one will ride the trains, so the lots are filling up, and now they (DART) thinks it is a good idea to charge folks that have to drive from other cities to park at a station a fee and those that live in the city where the station is located would continue to park for free. 

Hey you can’t make this stuff up.  I know, I see your face crunched up with the question, “how in the hell will they figure that out”, well they have an answer, you will have a toll tag and the tag will be tied to your home address, so if you live out of the jurisdiction, you get charged $15.00 per day, if not you are free.  I told you, impossible to make this stuff up.

Have a great day!

$90 per game My goodness – you have to be kidding. I didn’t believe it so I tried to find the parking costs on the Cowboy’s Stadium web site. I’m sure its $90, because they don’t tell you how much for parking. It has to be high. I found one reference to cash parking ($30) but I think you had to park in Fort Worth and come in by chopper. Every thing is BIG in Texas, even parking charges.



John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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