A Costly Mistake,


A Costly Mistake,

A reader sent this article – His email was entitled “A costly mistake.”- The deal is this – There are a number of parking spaces in London marked for diplomatic parking. The idea is that diplomats with proper license plates can park there. They are marked with signage stating that fact. So far so good…Well not really.

Seems the national government must ok the signage for the spaces before the local councils can write tickets, and the local councils haven’t gotten the OK. Now “parking advocates” are demanding that the local council return millions in fines. “Its only fair.”

Of course, the letter of the law is important. And should be followed – to a point. When the local councils went to the Department of Transport and asked for approval when this all hit the fan, they were approved immediately. The spaces were reasonably marked, and there was no confusion on the part of drivers. If they were caught in the spaces without a proper tag, they were either cited or towed.

So the problem is a technical one, not a case of improper or confusing signage, overzealous traffic wardens, or anything like that. It was an oversight. Someone requested that diplomatic spaces be provided, they were provided. Full stop.

I’m certain, however, that lawyers and judges will be involved and the local councils which are cash strapped to start with, will be forced to find all the people who got citations and have the money returned. Sorry, but to this confused parker, it makes no sense to me. Beginning in November, folks parked in those spots received citations and have to pay them. In October the same folks got away scott free. I understand the concept of expostfacto, but I don’t see that this is the case here. There was no malice involved. I say let it stand. If, the Department of Transport disallows any of the spaces, then fine, refund on those. And get on with it.


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