A mean fee collector and a pit bull


A mean fee collector and a pit bull

I commented in an earlier post about a parking direction system that has been installed at a local shopping center and how well it works. It’s a system that has directional arrows and red and green lights over parking spaces to indicate where there empty spaces are. This enables you to drive directly to a ‘green’ space and park, rather than search endlessly for empty spaces. Fair enough.

I did find one problem that has nothing to do with the system, but how people park. If someone driving a $100k BMW or Mercedes or an oversize SUV decides to take two spaces to ensure their baby doesn’t get ‘dinged’, you will have one red light and one green light although there is no space available.

Visiting the mall yesterday, I quickly drove to two green lights only to find some idiot had taken two spaces. I think after the inconsiderate drivers are drawn and quartered, their cars should be booted and they should be charged a small fortune to get the boot removed or at a minimum have their car towed to a lot at least 50 miles from the mall and abandoned to the protection of a very mean fee collector and a pit bull.


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