A Parking Lot for 10,000 Bicycles


A Parking Lot for 10,000 Bicycles

Where is it?  The Netherlands, of Course. 

At the Groningen rail station in the Netherlands there are enough parking spaces for 10,000 bikes even though the population is only 188,000. Bikes are stacked on top of each other and, as you'll see, there's still barely enough room. We can dream.

Watch the Video — You learn a lot about bike parking and the strength of Dutch Seniors.


There's another more modern bicycle garage nearby, with another 4000 spaces.  Amazing technology.


Picture of John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. Your gonna laugh, I’ve never been to this web site LOL
    Very cool..Of the twenty one days i visited with my dear friend in The Netherlands I must say what impressed me most was white hair couples riding independently, uphill, without breaking a sweat. Inspiring, to say the very least 😀

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  3. My 21 days in The Netherlands was a slice of heaven, Amazingly enough, the white haired seniors, riding everywhere, with no struggle what so ever simply astounded me, as did this video…Thank you JVH for posting it.

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