A Problem in Louisville


A Problem in Louisville

This is rich — a local Louisville lawyer (wouldn’t you know it) discovered that if the city hadn’t notified a person who had a parking fine BY CERTIFIED MAIL within seven days, they couldn’t collect the ticket. Read about it here.  It appears this is a state law.

The deal is that the lawyer is telling all the folks in Louisville to not pay their fines, and is considering a class action lawsuit.

I have a really quick solution for the city. I would raise the fines $20. (The certified mail costs $2.75 plus handling).  I would then mail all future fines out certified and if anyone complained about the increase in the costs, I would give them the lawyer’s phone number.

Most people will pay their current fines, and those that didn’t, just ignore them. Draw a line and begin following the state rules. I didn’t do the numbers but my guess is that the additional $15 per fine would more than make up for any lost revenue.

All is right with the world, and the lawyer would have to move out of town.


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  1. don’t be silly. the lawyer’s not mangling the plain meaning of the law to get a favorable decision. It sounds like he’s just doing exactly what the law allows.
    the real idiot is the person who affirmatively wrote up the code, whose job it was to create good policy and instead pumped out this crap.

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