A Shoupista Explanation


A Shoupista Explanation

Cooper Marcus gives an excellent post on why so few people oppose the theories of Don Shoup. Here it is:

Most parking seems to be managed
through a non-coherent "strategy" that evolved over time without any
consistent adherence to guiding principals. Shoupism is the exact
opposite – a broad strategic approach to parking management that needs
to be consistently applied through a wide variety of tactical measures.
Why so few anti-Shoupistas? Because very few people ever think about
overall parking management strategy, so they aren’t even in a position
to oppose a strategy different from their own!

Additionally, Shoupism makes so much sense, when rationally
considered, that anti-Shoup arguments are simply difficult to make
without resorting to obviously emotional or self-serving

In the future there will be only two groups of parking managers –
Shoupistas, and those that have not yet considered they even have an
overall strategy beyond their day-to-day tasks with occasional "fire
fighting" for big picture items that have gone unnoticed for too long.

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