A Solution in Search of a Problem, Part Duex


A Solution in Search of a Problem, Part Duex

I talked about this in January…Parking Reservation systems. Read it all here.

It got this today:

I just read your article “That
Infamous Solution in Search of a Problem”.  Thank you for expressing the ongoing
cries of the parking operator!  We are constantly explaining this exact thing to
our Landowners, our Hotel General Managers and to our guests!  I agree that I
have never had a problem of finding a place to park.  It may not be close, and
it may not be cheap, but it’s there!  Which makes it all the more difficult when
I try to put myself in “their shoes” when they complain. 


I loved the line from the NBC guy
who translated your comment of not having cheap parking into not having ANY
parking!  Classic!


I am a parking operator for a hotel,
office tower and convention center with just under 500 spaces.  On the days we
run out of parking, it’s my fault.  And on the days I sit empty and don’t make
any money, it’s my fault.  I’m sorry…I wasn’t at the construction meeting in
1973 when they decided to only provide 500 parking spaces for thousands of
potential guests!!!


Thank you very much for putting my
thoughts into words!  Now if we could make every American read your article,
life would be swell!

It’s from Denise Moschak, a parking facility manager for Network Parking in Pittsburgh.

Thanks Denise.  You are right on the money.


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