A success in Lowell MA


A success in Lowell MA

The City’s parking department reports that they not only have moved from costing the city a couple of mil to operate they are turning a profit and are going to provide $320,000 to the general fund. Story here.

Now that’s what we like to hear. A parking department being run like a business. They are cleaning up the garages, adding security, installing new revenue control equipment, and still have money left over. Way to go Lowell!!!.

My guess is that their operator Central Parking is in there helping with good ideas and support for the city. It will most likely mean, as pointed out in the story, that Central will have to make some personnel changes to match up with the new equipment, but they can do that.

Hats off to Parking Director Chuck Carney, PT Subscriber, and obviously a good businessman. It sounds like he could be a Shoupista. He was able to move his department in the right direction without succumbing to the lure of the city’s general fund until after money was spent on his garages. 

One little hint — wouldn’t it be great if the $320,000, soon to be half a mil, was earmarked for streetscapes, new lighting, and other improvements in the neighborhoods where the money was collected?

Great start…


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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