Actually Going Inside a Restaurant          


Actually Going Inside a Restaurant          

For those of you living in more advanced societies, like Florida, Texas, Arizona, or Nevada, this may be a bit over the top, but actually going inside to eat in a restaurant is something new here in California.

Last week I actually parked, walked in, and sat inside a restaurant. Not in the patio, not in a tent nearby, not out in the cold breeze, but inside. I was able to take off my mask, drink an adult beverage, and order a steak with a baked potato, and all the trimmings.

My friend and I were able to sit and discuss the trials and tribulations of the parking industry, we sipped our single malts as others around us laughed and simply enjoyed the freedom of actually eating as we had, you know, before.

Yes, the heat placed on our governor by the threat of a recall has forced what some call the great unhunkering. Before we were hunkering down, now not quite so much.

I decided to double down on Friday, after receiving my booster CV shot, and went to a deli nearby. The pastrami on rye, with cole slaw and potato salad was heavenly. People were laughing and talking. We had all forgotten how much we had missed.

I remember telling friends that I felt that we were getting back to normal. Just seeing other people, maskless. You could actually see their smiles and you could acknowledge each other. What fun.

Although we may still have masks at PIE 2021 in Dallas, I look forward to seeing you all at the first true opening of the parking industry.


By the way – note that I said “parked” – There were attendants, gates, tickets to be pulled, and yes, validations. We’re Baaaaaak.

John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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