After it opened, it opened


After it opened, it opened

Doug Holmes at Penn State has a great story about using permeable asphalt surface lots:

I would strongly suggest some investigation before putting in such a surface. Several years ago, we went through considerable expense to pave a couple hundred space parking lot with permeable asphalt. Apparently, either the engineers did not do all their homework, or someone did not properly prepare the surface or apply the asphalt. I am not sure where the finger pointing stopped on that one.

    In any event, a few months after it opened, it opened. I mean, we developed a sinkhole about 75 feet across and about 40 to 50 feet deep in a matter of hours. Luckily it happened at an oddball time and there were no pedestrians or vehicles on the affected area. It swallowed up a couple islands and two lamp posts before we got it plugged.

It appears that the permeable surface funneled all the water through one channel which ate through a relatively thin layer of limestone and, voila, instant Acme hole. Old Wile would have been proud.

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John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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