Ah, Summer is here


Ah, Summer is here

I know, Summer doesn’t officially start until the 21st of June at 8:26AM EDT — The Summer Equinox — however Memorial Day is the traditional beginning of summer as far as I am concerned. And at least here in LA Mother Nature cooperated perfectly.

The weather was fantastic — I live near the beach inland a bit between Santa Monica and Venice, just north of LAX.  When the rest of the city is broiling, we are cooled by ocean breezes.  It as in the 70s with a gentile wind, just enough to move the trees.

It was a great day for bringing out all the summer outside furniture, cleaning the grill, and laying in a supply of meat from Costco (for those of you who don’t know, the best meat on earth is available at the big discounter.)  We now have a few chickens (for beer butt cooking — and if you don’t know, ask), some NY steaks, a bunch of hamburger, and a few tri tips. That, and Victor’s famous seasoning and we are ready for barbecues galore.

The weather was helpful for parking at the beach, too.  I always tell this story every year about now.  If I can hear the fog horns at the Marina (del Rey) on the 4th of July, it means that the parking operator who contracted to run the parking for the County of LA has probably lost his shirt.  We have this thing called June Gloom and if it lasts until July, the odds are few went to the beach and the lots were empty.

However a great Memorial Day usually saves everything and my spies tell me that traffic was jammed at the beach, that means more cars, full parking, and a great beginning for the summer parking season.

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