Airports are Booming –  Mask Mandates are History


Airports are Booming –  Mask Mandates are History

For those of you who haven’t traveled much lately, be aware that airports are booming. I flew from LAX to PHX and return this week, and both were jammed. The planes were full. People are traveling. Both for business and pleasure.

Frankly, it seemed like, except for the masks, that things are back to normal.

People’s attitudes were back to normal, too. They were happy, engaging, and were having fun. Families were on the go. I saw a large number of kids with their parents heading out. There was definitely a feeling that was prepandemic.

I was particularly taken by the young woman who has a service dog. It was obviously a pit bull. She, the dog that is, was pretty and friendly. I my case, she attempted to lick me to death. Just a fun dog. I noted to the owner that pits were great dogs and often friendly. I did note that if someone had a negative comment about pit bulls, one could always mention that they were Staffordshire Terriers. That got a laugh.

Mask mandates are on the way out. Even stick in the mud Los Angeles has loosened its indoor mandates. The CDC is expected to lower its requirements today. Nevada (home of PIE 2022) has removed mask requirements, as have most states.

All of this is due to the substantial decrease in Covid 19 cases, the decrease in severity of cases, and the decrease in hospitalizations. Its time to get out and live our lives. Its time to plan for the road to PIE.

Registrations are running well ahead of previous years. PIE 2022 promises to be the best yet. You can register on line here.



John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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