Trigger Warning == Read at your own risk


Trigger Warning == Read at your own risk

The previous blog’s headline has created more discussion than any 10 blogs about on and off street parking. I have been lambasted for my crudeness and congratulated on the wisdom of the blog. What to do.

The tendency when these things happen is to do nothing, as whatever you do you simply draw attention to the gaff, assuming its a gaff. Thinking on it in 2020 hindsight, using that headline probably wasn’t in the best of taste. However it also shows that some of our readers have a sensitive streak that I seem to have found. To those who found the headline offensive, mea culpa.
For the others out there that wrote in expressing the wisdom of the blog in toto, thanks.

Sometimes in an effort to be cute or catch an eye, we go around the bend a bit. Stuff happens.

I think that we have moved into a time in our society when virtually everything, in any context, can be taken as offensive to some. We are beaten to death by those who feel offended by almost any slight. Our college students live in fear of hearing a word or seeing a bit of graffiti that might offend them to the point of tears. Who are we raising, a bunch of wimps. They are actually creating ‘safe zones’ where kids can go so they won’t have to listen to speech that offends. Good Grief.

Comedians can’t tell jokes any more. They will be pilloried. Don’t compliment a woman, she may take offense. And for God’s sake don’t use the term “niggardly” (from middle English, nigon) when you describe Shylock, an entire race or maybe two, will feel slighted.

Have we reached the point where our sensitivity scale overwhelms common sense? When I came home in tears because some bully called me a name, my mother told me to get over it. “For goodness sake,”she told me as she dried my tears, “worry about something that is important.”

Thanks Mom – Nuff Said


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John Van Horn

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  1. A cop out apology. “For those that found it offensive…”

    John, one day you’re going to go too far. And the you will seriously tick off an advertiser. Losing me, one single reader, won’t matter to you, especially since I seem to get multiple copies of your stuff. But, losing an advertiser or 3 or 5 will….. One day those chickens will come home to roost…. You flaunt that you’re a founder of the Women in Parking Group. The day you cross the line and lose their support, or that of Christine Banning at the NPA it will sting even worse. Until then…, you’re down a reader.

  2. Holy cow, some people get their knickers in a wad over the silliest things!
    Like political correctness! Is somebody missing their ayatollah?

    Your post was nothing more than a factual word snapshot of a parking show in Amsterdam.

    And to the guardians of purity, live your life to your own standards. Don’t judge others, lest ye be judged.

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