Amano/McGann is Alive and Well


Amano/McGann is Alive and Well

I spoke with Sherry Evens at Evens Time in Indianapolis and we talked about the successes has has had with Amano McGann. Sherry has been an Amano dealer for years and has many many systems throughout the southern two thirds of Indiana. She tells me that the relationship between Amano and McGann is complex and from a dealer’s point of view, the software provided by McGann to run Amano equipment is solid.  She also is certain that the relationship between the two companies is good. McGann sells a lot of Amano Equipment through its dealer network and supports its software wherever it is installed.

Amano has developed a web based reporting software system that it is selling along side the McGann software, but even so, at the Amano dealer whingding held last week in New Jersey, McGann was given awards for being and outstanding seller of Amano equipment and the partnership between them from a hardware software point of view was reinforced.

After all, there are hundreds, if not thousands of Amano systems using McGann software installed around the country. This means both companies have to support their dealers and those dealer’s customers.

Sherry also told me that there are a lot of exciting things happing in Indiana and my interest is piqued. Think I may take a trip back to the heartland and find out what going on with Evens Time and Mark Pratt and Denison Parking.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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