Amazing!!! Bigger Car, Pay more to Park


Amazing!!! Bigger Car, Pay more to Park

It costs you more to buy, run and even wash, why shouldn’t it cost you more to park. The MSM (Main Stream Media) is finally realizing that in some places ( NY, Chicago, LA) parking operators are hiking the fees for SUV type vehicles, sometimes as much as 50%. Read their "all a titter" reaction here.

My spies tell me that it has never been unusual for limos to be charged extra to park, but after all, they take two spaces. Why shouldn’t they pay more. So called standard vehicles are different, I’m told. If it fits into a space, why shouldn’t it pay the same?

Frankly, I would love to see SUVs parked in a special area. The fact is that although the odd Navigator may "fit" inside the lines, when it parks, the cars on either side simply don’t have enough room. Somewhere down the line, a space is created that is too small, and therefore lost to the owner as a revenue generating spot.

Therefore, the SUV owner has taken income from the owner. So, why not charge more? Makes absolute sense to me. I think our becoming famous author, Don Shoup who penned a tome on the "high cost of free (or subsidized) parking," would agree.

People who use space and services should pay for them. Subsidizing only creates other problems, and frankly, makes it difficult for the rest of us.

On the other hand, if I have to lose 10 pounds before I can get out of my car after I have squeezed between a Range Rover and an Explorer, or worse, an Expedition, maybe this is a good thing!

On the third hand, Hybrid vehicles are being given "free" parking in some place municipalities. Its not really "free", since the rest of us world spoilers will have to pick up the tab. When cities realize that the increase of Hybrids is going to cut dearly into their income, they will raise the prices to park, and those of use driving Belchfire Eights will be hit with an increase.

I say that everyone should pay their way. A simple, effective plan that will solve all the troubles of the world. Don’t believe it? Try it out on any issue. See – Problem solved. Don’t believe me? Respond under "comments" below.


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