Ampco System and the Grove


Ampco System and the Grove

We did an article in PT last month about The Grove, a shopping center in Los Angeles and its very very fancy valet lobby and valet operation. We concentrated on the design and "look" of the place, and in doing so neglected to mention the folks that actually make it happen.

The location is run by Ampco System Parking.  By all accounts they do a first rate job. My friend Arnold Klauber was kind enough to point out our omission.  Thanks


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John Van Horn

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  1. We have had two experiences at the Grove involving pay-out cashiers whom we suspect were trying to overcharge and pocket the difference. In both cases, we had a movie validated parking stub and they claimed we owed five dollars instead of two. We called them on it and they lied, saying if we had validated the ticket at the movies there would have been an ink mark, but that validation machine at the movies does not leave a visible mark – you only know it’s been validated by following the instructions and seeing the green light go red, which it did for all our parking stubs. After acting defensive and trying to point to the amount on the exit machine (that they can override to read for any amount), they suddenly gave us the correct change and, when we demanded the number for a daytime supervisor to call, they gave us a disconnected number. Watch out, guys, and make sure you are being charged the correct amount on the already overpriced parking at the Grove!

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