An Airline that has done one thing right


An Airline that has done one thing right

If you travel a lot by air you know that the most boring part of the flight is the safety demonstration. They say the same things over and over and most just tune it out.

Delta, however, has taken a different approach. Their video presentations are smart, witty, and hold your interest right up til the end.

When they talk about whether or not you want to sit in an exit row and help with an exit during an emergency, there are three men in the row, twins and a third person. When the third person says “no” he is replaced by a third “twin.” Or in a subsequent video, a weightlifter says ‘no’ and is replaced by a pretty tough grandma.

When you are asked to put your smaller items under the seat in front of you, one person stores a Bonzai tree. When you are told to put away computers, naturally its an original Underwood.  Then when you are asked to turn off electronic items, a robot turns itself ‘off’ and a woman clicks off her full size ‘boom box.”  Of course at Christmas time, Santa and his elves are everywhere.

One of the most famous people in the older Delta videos has been the flight attendant who warns about smoking, particularly in the rest rooms. She moved into the new one, and waves her accusing finger at a pipe smoker in the next row. When they tell you that the nearest exit might be behind you, the entire plane turns and looks back, just as a poor man comes out of the restroom.

In one series, the people on the video are dressed as if they were in the 1950s, still following all the proper instructions. And of course the flight attendant warning about smoking is still there, but only eight years old.

But the biggest laugh came at the end of one video when the pilot, who had just thanked us for flying Delta, turned around and discovers a parking ticket on the plane’s windshield.

Obviously the folks at Delta are thinking outside the box. Flying is painful enough without having to sit through the FAA required demonstration for the 100th time. Way to go, Delta. Now if you could just get Atlanta to be weather free 365 days a year you would really have something.


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