An interesting Lunch


An interesting Lunch

I met today with Dave Mitchell and Bryan Levy, CEO and VP of MitchCo. Their claim to fame — they have secured the US rights to Trevi Parking of Italy. For those of you who follow such things, Trevi parking is a division of Trevico, a huge manufacturer of heavy construction equipment in Italy. They make machines that build tunnels and dig large holes. And from what I understand, they are good at it.Trevi parking makes a unique automated parking system that sits in an underground silo and looks like a multi layered lazy Susan.You drive on to a platform and the system takes your car down into the garage.  Check out the video here.

As usual, I told Dave that while his pitch was interesting and his cause no doubt honorable, I’m still from Missouri when it comes to these types of projects.  As of this date, I’m aware of three working systems and one under construction (New York, DC, Hoboken, and under construction, Boston.)  There may be more but it there are, they are hiding their light under a bushel.

Dave Mitchell is the consummate pitch man. He has the energy and the drive to make this happen. He certainly is excited about this product.  I wish them all the best. Check them out at


PS — For those who were wondering, yes, that’s the company Arturo Ressi’s was heading in the US during Boston’s "Big DIg."  He also attended numerous parking events and was one of the original members of the Automated and Mechanical Parking Association.

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