An Idea to Solve the Parking Problem At Boston’s Logan


An Idea to Solve the Parking Problem At Boston’s Logan

Why not let the private sector work with the airport to solve the parking problems.  The airport goes out of its way to NOT advertise off airport parking on its web sites.  Why not? Phoenix does it, why shouldn’t Logan. Are they afraid they might lose a parker?  They are full up now. 

There are a large number of off airport locations near Logan, plus at least a half dozen hotels that offer sleep and park to their patrons.  It would seem that promoting them through the Logan web site and other methods might go a long way to solve the parking problems at the airport. My guess is that within 10 minutes of Logan there are plenty of parking spaces. Is it just that Mass Port doesn’t want people parking in private lots?

Of couse, if they did this, they might not have had to build that 2700 car garage for what $100 million (i’m making the number up).  They are netting only about 1000 spaces. My guess is that those spaces are available now all around the airport.  And if the on airport pricing was set right, they would be found instantly…


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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