And Pittsburgh, Too


And Pittsburgh, Too

The saga continues — Now the striking parking workers are picketing the homes of the Mayor and the owner of the largest operator in PIttsburgh. Still holding out that they don’t want to pay a part of their health care costs. We are talking about a few bucks a month, here.
They still haven’t figuered it out. Working in a garage isn’t rocket science. Replacements are easy to find. In fact, the city doesn’t even notice that they are on strike, except for the TV coverage of their picket lines.
Time to grow up, workers. Free health care isn’t a right. Be thankful that your employers are paying part of the fare. I would posit that as of today you can never regain the amount of money you have lost since the strike began. Cut you losses and get back to work, Or find another job where the health insurance is covered completely, if you can. Maybe working for the state or the feds.
This is the second article today about Pennasylvania. What’s going on there. is there something in the water.

John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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