Another Reason to Buy a Tesla


Another Reason to Buy a Tesla

My friend down the street (who owns the Tesla and the Porsche) took her daughter to a local shopping mall on Christmas Eve to pick up a last minute gift. She took the Porsche.

Naturally the parking lot was jammed. Not a space to be had.  Then she spotted three empty spaces, near the entrance. They were charging stations for Electric Vehicles. She had taken the wrong car.

She drove home, switched cars, returned and parked.

She was laughing as she told the story. She never thought when she bought the six figure vehicle, that she was getting priority parking along with it.

The question is, should she? Because she was fortunate enough to be able to afford a more expensive car than most of us, does that give her the priority to park conveniently?

The egalitarian side of me says ‘no’. However its the mall’s parking lot and they can do with it what they will. If they want to limit the number of available spaces in their facility so be it.  They my upset a thousand drivers trying to park their Belchfire V12s, but they will keep my neighbor happy. Its the way of the world.

I wonder if there is a government requirement in Los Angeles to mandate a few charging stations in each parking garage. I wouldn’t doubt it.


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