Another purse stolen from store parking lot


Another purse stolen from store parking lot

I can’t believe this headline.  Read the article here.  I didn’t know parking lots carried purses. I wonder if it was designed by Monica…

That’s not the point.  The purse wasn’t stolen from a parking lot, it was stolen from an unattended shopping cart IN a parking lot.  Some woman left her purse unattended in a shopping cart while she loaded her car.

DUH — everyone knows that the first thing you do is secure you pocketbook.  However, the headline infers that the parking lot was somehow involved.

That’s like saying "SUV Hits School Bus.:

Well, actually the driver of the SUV hit the school bus. However the headline seems to infer that the SUV took over the vehicle and did the deed.  Thus the culprit is the SUV, not the driver.  In our case. the culprit is the parking lot, or the shopping cart, but surely not the woman who left her purse in the cart and wouldn’t have noticed it was missing had not the thief slammed the door on his van when he left.

I just hate this stuff.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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