Anyone been to Miami Lately…


Anyone been to Miami Lately…

…and parked in the garages located in the center of Miami International Airport. This is a unique garage, and I think it still exists this way, that was a "blurring" of a number of garages that were, over time, interconnected. This meant that if you parked on level 2 in one section of the garage it could be level three in another. 

This may have been "fixed" over the years, however it made for some wonderful car "seeking" activity.  Losing a car at MIA was an adventure.

They have raised the price in this garage to $30 a day. Can anyone comment if it is worth it?  How is construction around the airport going? When I was there last year, the place was pretty chewed up — I rented a car from budget and spent most of the my time when I returned dodging earth movers and going the wrong way down one way streets to find the lot.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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