Anything Can Happen in a Parking Lot


Anything Can Happen in a Parking Lot

There’s no end to the list of unusual things that happen in parking lots. Babies delivered, deer hunted, murder, and the occasional proposal of marriage. Something on the happy end of weird recently occurred in a parking lot in in Anchorage, Alaska: a baby moose was born.

According to (Alaska Dispatch News), the mama moose settled down in a Lowes parking lot and gave birth. Alaskans are used to seeing moose, so they weren’t surprised to find one in the parking lot, but they were very excited to witness the baby’s arrival.

Anchorage wildlife photographer Coby Brock, 38, drove out to the Lowe’s at the Tikahtnu Commons shopping center on Muldoon Road after hearing about the newborn on Facebook. He said the pair were sitting in the shade in front of a Jeep, and the baby was still pretty wobbly.

The moose paid the price for her choice of delivery location by having to give birth in front of 100 cell phones, but both she and her calf looked to be doing well. Lowe’s staff put up a few barriers to block foot and auto traffic until the moose and baby left the area.

For the rest of the article, including pictures, click here.

John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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