Are Drones the New Parking Enforcers?


Are Drones the New Parking Enforcers?

I find the possibility of drones enforcing parking regulations to be equally fascinating and frightening. According to, a Mr. Mohammed Darweesh has entered is parking enforcement drone prototype in the UAE Drones for Good Award event. Darweesh, an architect, designed the drone and says it will work with RIFD technology and will find its charging and grounding stations at the top of streetlight poles. The drone will take only seconds to to do the same work it takes a person to do in minutes.

“Dubai has a huge number of parking spaces and is being managed by over 900 inspectors, while drivers have to pay at the parking meters and put the parking receipt on prominent place like a dashboard to avoid fines. In the presence of this drone technology, there will be no need for drivers to find a parking meter and repeat the exercise. Just park the car and leave everything to the drone. The drone will come and read the Salik tag with the help of RIFD technology and charge the parking fee automatically,” Darweesh said.

It’s an amazing idea. I’m sure there are members of the parking industry more qualified to ask questions than I, but I have a few anyway:

1. What are the possible consequences of a malfunction?

2. How would individuals contest a ticket, if the drone made a mistake?

3. How will a hundred drones flying over a city checking meters improve ambiance?

4. What if the drones are hacked or shot down?

Now that I have shared my concerns, I’ll go back to thinking this is an amazing idea. I’d like to see it in action. Read the rest of the article here.

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John Van Horn

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  1. I don’t think so that Drones the new parking enforcers because the people will never seem that the drone will make any noise for them and it is keeping a great role now for all. I also like the drone using and apply in any critical project.

  2. Perhaps this is an idea that is currently being revisited given COVID-19 and the impact it is going to have on physical distancing and a new standard of public cleanliness. If it could be tied into smart pay apps for metered parking and LPR technology, it could save on environmental exposure for the enforcement officers as well as the public.

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