Are Social Networks “Appropirate” for Parking


Are Social Networks “Appropirate” for Parking

Andy just finished writing an article about how social networks (Facebook, Twitter, myspace, etc) are appropriate information venues for business. He's putting it up on Parking Today's web site and I will link it here when it's available. But that's the point, isn't it.

For you to see it, you would have to go either to our web site, or this blog, or to twitter. And for all we know, you could possibly have interest in other parking "sites" like the IPI, NPA, local state organizations, Parking Network, and even articles that are written in the main stream media about parking. AND what if you are also interested in Opera, and butterflies. Are you going to spend your day visiting each site? Are you going to cull through articles that are of interest? Unlike preteens, you do have a life.

The beauty of a facebook page is that it can be an "aggregator" that is, a place where information about a particular subject, or group of subjects can be drawn in and you can go one place to see your parking information. You facebook page can be setup to collect information about each subject of interest and you can drop by a couple of times a day to keep up on what's going on.

PT's facebook page has articles from PT, all the information from this blog (even this blog entry), newsworthy articles (we make that decision) about parking, comments about each from other folks interested in the topic. Visiting once a day can give you a lot of information about parking. It can be fun, too.

Sure, there are asinine comments by folks who don't take parking seriously, but you also might find some input from unusual sources. A comment by a 79 year old grannie about experiences, positive and negative, she has with P and D machines might assist a manufacturer with design, or help a city make a buying decision. At least they might see the problem through different eyes.

The Internet is an amazing compilation of raw information. Your facebook page can help bring appropriate information to you in a form that makes sense to you. You get a bit of control over the 'net.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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