Aren’t Christmas Emails just too easy?


Aren’t Christmas Emails just too easy?

Ok, I’m guilty – I just sent out a Christmas email to a select couple of hundred in my address book. Sigh – it was easy. A few choice words, a click of the mouse and it’s done. And the guilt of not having made contact with folks before Christmas is gone. Poof.

Does a Christmas greeting have any less meaning if it’s given with high tech efficiency or if it is a handshake or a hug or a quiet word over the phone? My feeling is that it’s now how the message is sent, but rather why.

If we call the marketing department and give an instruction something like – Send out something to all our clients and make is look good and be sure it doesn’t offend anyone – and then forget about it, most likely the reason for sending the message is not exactly what the mystery and magic of this season is all about.

However if you think about your message, and think about the names of the people that are going to receive it, perhaps it begins to take on the meaning you want it to have.

Back in the days of yore, when we sent Christmas Cards, it was a tad more difficult (buy the cards or get them printed by the marketing department, hand address, put on stamps and mail early enough so the USPS could get them delivered.) But, frankly, there is little difference between a card with a snow scene or a Santa and your company name printed inside, and an email with a Santa or a snow scene on it. We do it because we are supposed to, not because we want to.

My message was this:

It’s been a challenging year. We each have our own lists of troubles and pains, sadness and despair. No need to repeat them here. My guess is that if we compare lists, they will be quite similar.

The message of Christmas is one of new birth, of beginning, of love and peace. When we go back to our normal lives in a week or so, we have two choices. We can be mired in the past, in pain, in fear, in trouble. Or we can look forward with renewed vigor and carry the messages of this magical season with us as we go about our lives.

Hmmmm, let me see — Dwell on the past, which we cannot change or move ahead with optimism and excitement about what is to come and take control of our lives where we can affect the future. Doesn’t seem like a difficult choice to me.

However, we will each do what we do. Some will make the first choice and lead mundane, miserable lives. Others will make the second and have a joyous, vibrant, and successful New Year. I pray you choose wisely.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and good wishes for the best of times for 2010.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night


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