At Least they are Telling it like it is…


At Least they are Telling it like it is…

The City of Bridgeport, CT is doubling parking rates and adding meters everywhere. The reason — they are short of money and need more in the general fund…and parking is a "viable source of revenue."

The people of Bridgeport are taxed on their property, purchases, and my guess is every time they deal with businesses, cars, deliveries, and every other normal daily routine. They are now being "taxed" for parking.

I would have no problem with that if the parking money was used for something dealing with streets or sidewalks or even rapid transit. But no, its going smack dab into the general fund.

Sidewalks are crumbling, streets are full of potholes, lighting is bad, but the city, in its infinite wisdom, is putting the bucks into that black hole know as the General Fund.

My guess is that they will collect twice as much money, and there will not be one visible result from the additional income.

But that’s just my guess.


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