Automated Parking at the IPI


Automated Parking at the IPI

There are at least five booths hawking automated parking systems at the IPI. I find the resurgence interesting and great. The technology works, and its time has come. In one booth, Automation, you can watch parking activity in their new garage in New York City. On line real time streaming video from the location shows cars being driven in and parked by the machines. Its super.

In other booths like Unitronics and LTW, the technology is on display and the results are stunning. All the companies have systems up and running, most in Europe  but some here in the US. I’m told that actual contracts have been awarded and in a number of cities like Brooklyn, Philadelphia, and Boston construction is under way.


These mechanical marvels are just what the doctor ordered in many applications particularly where the footprint is small and parking is needed. In New York, for instance, the existing parking lot was grandfathered in (New York City says that you can’t build more parking, but can replace existing parking. Well, if the developer had not put parking in his new building he would have lost the ability to have parking there forever. A traditional lot was simply not possible (only 24 cars) but the 67 car mechanical garage was perfect.

As I have said before, we will be seeing these mechanical garages built in conjunction with other projects like condos and office blocks. Each successful one either built now or on the drawing board is such a project.


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