Automated Parking….Take 3456


Automated Parking….Take 3456

In response to my comment below about automated parking in Boston, someone asked:

Just Curious: What happens if someone loses their ticket — how do they find the cars?

Never considered that issue.  Of course in contract only locations like Hoboken, its not a problem since they can search the computer system for the person’s card number and recall it manually. But what happens in an automated daily facility.
    I come up the the garage for the first time, get a ticket, which is, I suppose, connected to my car and where it is in the garage. I leave, lost the ticket, and come back two hours later. Now what?

Anybody got a clue?


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

2 Responses

  1. I am surprised that none of the automated parking garage manufacturers have stepped up to answer this question.
    This could be a real problem.
    Perhaps they don’t want to answer or don’t read this blog.
    Now I am really curious as to the answer to my question.

  2. Hello John
    What happened to the Haag reply. I cannot find it.
    But then even your letter to me is somewhat misleading. But then that is for another time. One comment. I did give in, moe than anyone knows. As I stated repeatedly. I got Surety to allow Robotics back into 916 Garden St.
    Not anyone else. Not even haag. But then Surety would not let them in without a lot of supervision, yy othrs.
    But then I digress
    Haags, email to you has been printed out and will be sent to my lawyers for review for possible libel and whatever else they come up with.
    But then Haag, and your blog readers need some more facts.
    1. Haag merely attacks me. He does not answer any of the questions or comments made about his so called technology.
    haag answer them if you dare.
    2. You make a statement that I would kill you if you dont do that> You not being you.
    Explain and since you quote me.
    3.Approved the operating budget. Yes.
    So, you display, in wirting your ignorance. The operating budget has nothing to do with the BID document for the garage. That was a separate and clearly legal documet, approved by legal counsel and by bond counsel and others. Of course I voted for the garage. I thought that you had something. Wrong
    What next.
    4. Operating at less that 70% of the estimated and approved cost back in 1999. How about the years of 2000, 2001, 2002 and even today?
    You do not tell anyone that you tok years to even move oe car. And the Authority paid dearly for you mistakes
    What you do not tell the public is what the costs are TODAY. Back in 1999 we were told (yes again) that the garage would be fully automated. Not ture
    5. Your buddy Mr Snitch> stated that report was put together with the help of disgruntled commissioer, and cotains only those items that the author wanted to include. It also contains Lawyer, Client information which could be confidential.
    90% of the garbage in the report can be proven false.
    But then they use it.
    Since you do not even remember his name it is Jeff Favia Or is that Flavia>
    6. Answers in Black & White. If you knoww the difference in the colors then you would
    remmber that the expression is little white lies. In your case the lies are not little. They total in the millions
    7. You state that there are developers who are doing their due diligence then why did you tell the City of Hoboken that you could not buy the garage, after you agreed to purchase it with information given to you about the opther bid? and the City let you out of the deal. Get wth the program haag.
    And then you have the nuts to tell the world that the mistake was human and it was a Parking Utility employee. Read what you posted. If the facility is automaed, then why is it necessary for the attendant to do so many tasks to either get a car in the facility or was it out. The car fell off the carrier, as designed by you?
    YES Aujtomated parking COULD be a great technolog.
    Too bad you destroyed an indstry with garbage.
    Onwards and Upwards. Sure Haag, but your robots are all falling down.
    don Pellicano

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