Autonomous Car — $6 billion market in eight years. Do you believe it. PIE 2017 will give you the answer.


Autonomous Car — $6 billion market in eight years. Do you believe it. PIE 2017 will give you the answer.

I have received this from my friends at Land Rover. The Brits are very optimistic.  Perhaps more than moi.

Everybody in this world knows what Autonomous Cars are, but for those who don’t here’s the short meaning. Autonomous Car is basically a driverless vehicle that is capable of sensing its environment and analysing between different cars and obstacles before reaching its predicted destination without human control. It’s very important to understand the concept of partial and fully Autonomous Vehicles, as the projected size of this Global Autonomous Market by 2025 will be at the peak height. I.e. in 2025 the Market Rate of partially autonomous vehicles will be around $40 Billion and of fully autonomous vehicle it will be around $6 Billion.

Learn everything about Autonomous Cars and its Growth on an imaging infographic created by Get off Road. This infographic explores every single elements of Autonomous Cars, from its history, its engineering, the design of the cars, its manufacturing and testing, what are the future holds for the autonomous car market, which car brands have driving patents for autonomous vehicles and everything else. Understand, the science behind its wheels and how “Sebastian Thrun” and “Anthony Levandowski” created the PRIBOT who went to fetch pizza on its own on its first test. “THE GROWTH OF AUTONOMOUS CAR MARKET” is the detailed presented article to educate you with everything you need to know. Have a look.

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Yes, I know, I published the graphic last week, but I thought the copy above was worth a rehash.

What do you think? Assuming the cars cost $75K each, (probably low) that means by 2025 they will be selling about 53,000 cars that year. If they cost $100K, 40,000.

My friend Dale Denda will give you his learned prediction on the Autonomous Car Market at PIE 2017 Week after next. He doesn’t just pull numbers out of the air, he actually researches it. Get the facts. 

As usual PIE and Parking Today Media are on the cutting edge of industry knowledge.


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  1. If we use the 53,000 number, if we base it on worldwide cars sales for 2016 of between 77 and 88 million ( the statistics vary) then we’re looking at anywhere from 6/100 to 7/100 of 1 % of the worldwide market for the fully autonomous vehicles. The partially-autonomous vehicles would represent approximately .06% – 1% of the same worldwide market if we assume the $40 billion represents cars that cost 50%-60% of the fully autonomous vehicles. There will almost certainly be markets where the numbers are significantly higher, and others where they will be on-existent.

    Personally I see companies like Amazon, telecommuting, on-line banking and other financial services, home streaming of movies, virtual almost everything and the new/emerging home medical testing business as having a bigger impact on driving and parking over the next 10-15 years. But that’s just an opinion, and by no means one that I would place any substantial wager on. Too much is changing too fast to predict what might happen next year, let alone 10 years from now.

    Interesting times for sure.

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