Baby, it’s still cold out there


Baby, it’s still cold out there

With severe winter storms still rolling in and out of the Eastern states, weather continues to be a major item in parking news. In Providence, RI, and many other places, expected snowfall has created the need for school closures and parking bans, reports School children rejoice, but anybody over 20 and employed knows the inconvenience will be serious and expensive.

A citywide parking ban will go into effect at 2 a.m. on Monday, and remain in effect until further notice. Residents with overnight parking passes are advised that they cannot park on the street during the duration of the citywide parking ban. All vehicles parked on the street in violation of the citywide parking ban will be ticketed and towed to ensure that roadways can be plowed.

As someone who has lived most of his life in milder climates, it can be a stretch to understand how humans actually survive in places where it gets so cold. It’s not hard to say they are probably just stronger people than I am. Adversity is a part of life, but I’ll take mine in forms that don’t have to do with the weather.

“We expect heavy snowfall, high winds and other conditions that will significantly impact both the morning and evening commutes on Monday,” Mayor Jorge Elorza said. “I urge residents to comply with the citywide parking ban, exercise caution and prepare for rapidly changing travel conditions throughout the day. If you see a person or a family in need, please do what you can to either lend a helping hand or notify the City. When we all pull together, we are capable of overcoming any challenge.”

It’s a nice, positive spin Providence’s mayor provides. Residents might get through the storm more easily if they see themselves as a team united against the weather.

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