Back-in Parking too Tough for Some


Back-in Parking too Tough for Some

In Paw Paw, Mich. residents are not completely sure the city’s new “back-on” policy is so simple. Fox News reports Paw Paw’s downtown is plagued with speed issues, congestion issues, and pedestrian and cyclist safety issues. They are trying to address the problems with a slew of new ordinances and infrastructure changes.

Village Manager Larry Nielsen told FOX 17 that by decreasing Michigan Avenue traffic lanes down to two, then adding a bicycle lane and angled parking, officials hope to draw more people to the area and safely, to make the village “a place where people drive to rather than drive through.”

The emphasis on back-in parking is meant to protect cyclists in the bicycle lane between the parking spots and the road. But a vocal number of residents say back-in parking doesn’t work because other drivers don’t understand what the back-in parker is trying to do. They ignore the blinker and crowd the driver attempting to park and then the whole thing falls apart.

“That is the stupidest road I’ve ever seen,” said John Fouth, Paw Paw resident. “I’ve traveled this country, all 48 states, Canada, Mexico, and I have never seen a fiasco like what you’ve got going on downtown. Strictly stupid, dumb, period.”

If only Mr. Fouth could be more specific about his opinions.

The program has been in place for just a week now and city leaders hope the entire project will be completed next year.

Read the article here.

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  1. Dennis Quinn (System Parking) died on August 16, 2014 after battling a long illness. He will be missed by many including the many lives that he touched in the Chicago area.

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