Baghdad by the Bay Award: Memphis


Baghdad by the Bay Award: Memphis

As Mark puts it, the salient points:

  • City Clerk says he could generate fifteen million dollars to city in one year
  • City loses one and a half million dollars a year just with parking tickets
  • Must have boot for tires and tow vehicles to make any parking ticket crackdown effective

Money quote from Article:

In past years, council members have voted against using boots on tires, or towing cars of drivers that owe a lot of money because it would leave some drivers in hardship situations. ”

Let me get this straight. You have laws that say when and where you can park. You write citations if people don’t follow the laws. You then don’t require them to pay the tickets. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU HAVE THE PARKING REGULATIONS FOR, ANYWAY?

I understand these are politicians – that’s why I was yelling. They want to get elected, and stay elected. Sure, if you don’t make folks follow the rules, they will keep voting for you, until they close the parks, libraries, and lay off a few cops and firemen. But then it’s too late.

Read the article here, and weep.

Wanna know what I think will happen? I think that the city clerk will continue to stir the pot until the mayor’s wife’s car is booted and then he will leave the city’s employment “to seek other opportunities.”

Memphis, TN, My most recent Baghdad by the Bay nominee, for parking stupidity above and beyond.


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