The Parkex show is crawling with bailiffs. The largest and most outrageous stands are by these collection agencies. There are a baker’s dozen here. It turns out that not just anyone can be a collection agency. They have powers that in some cases exceed those of the police.
For instance: a bailiff can enter a person’s home, if invited, and can then sieze property to make good the debt. And an opened door can be considered an invitation. Wow and this the land of “A person’s home is his castle
I’m told that they don’t seize property very often. “Its not worth it. How much can you get for a used telly. Its better to use it as a threat than actually seize the item.”
Live, travel, and learn.
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John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. For your reader’s information, UK based bailiffs, also have the unique power to carry out “Warrants of executions”. I am sure some people though the British cousins were a bit wimp?.
    Not the case the British Bailiff has the power to be called “you are the man!”

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