Big Bucks for Parking


Big Bucks for Parking

A parking spot in San Francisco’s South Beach neighborhood sold recently for $82,000. The 8- by 12-foot spot is in an enclosed garage in a condominium building near AT&T Park.

Now that’s lot of money for a rectangle of concrete, but real estate analysts confirm it’s a fair price and a good investment. I’ve been to San Francisco and seem for myself how tight parking can be, so for those with the cash, a reserved spot must be a terrific perk.

Maybe I’m not the only one who reads and article like this and shakes his head in dismay thinking “What has the world come to?” and then thinks “Well, I’d do the same if I lived in San Fran and had the wherewithal” and then goes to make a sandwich and forgets all about it.

John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. The City of SanFrancisco took in over 100 million dollars, from parking violations, in 2012 This little piece of land is not a bad deal when you take into account the possibility of numerous ciatations over a year, each at $68.00 plus associated fees which can bring it up to $75.00. If you get a street sweeping citation, license irregularity citation or other, you will pay a whole lot more. This piece of realty, peace-of-mind, will pay for itself in a few years of not having to pay for tickets and ease the burden of the city with having to issue them.

  2. I say peace of mind is definitely worth $82,000 – so if you’ve got the money, spend it.

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